devastatingly beautiful

kw15_4819I’m always a tad excited when I see there’s some big seas coming, small to medium surf is fairly predictable but when you see that big hump on the forecast chart you never know what you are in for. kw15_4907
9 out of 10 times it isn’t as big as they say or it peaks overnight and you miss it.
This time it was worse than they thought and it lasted for 3 days but with winds up to 100 km/h and torrential rain, it was damn near impossible to get decent shots.

Even with the camera protected, the lens lasted seconds before it was covered in water, if it wasn’t the rain, it was the sea spray being blown clean over the cliffs, the best you could hope for was some lighter patches of rain and take a good snorkel.
Yesterday had some pretty amazing sand sculptures in Bondi and Coogee but this morning I was blown away by the sheer devastation around the beaches.
The wooden fence at Bronte was smashed with rocks and concrete moved large distances or just completely gone._MG_0032
FullSizeRender-4_MG_0096The beach has rocks all over it, so it will be interesting to see what shape the rock pools are in when it all dies down. _MG_0101
The boat club in Gordons Bay, where the boats get hauled up runners to keep them safe was totally destroyed. Boats were dragged up above the path to try to save them but even the ones you can see up high seemed to be covered in dents and some had holes.
Several boats were completely lost and another is wedged in the rocks on the north side of the bay where I doubt it can be retrieved.
_MG_0150 _MG_0137 _MG_0156
As destructive as it is, the power and energy of huge seas is exhilarating to be around and a challenge to capture.

Rain however I could live without.

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    • Apparently a storm in 1974 did worse to it. It looked to me like most of the boats were damaged in some way and they have to repair the ramps etc themselves as the council has nothing to do with it.

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