capture by the sea

It’s that time of year when the elements conspire to give you all the reasons you need not to see Sculpture by the Sea.
If you do make it, it is always worth the effort and if you miss it, still go, the coastal walk is worth it on its own.
Locals are probably bored with photographs of it but for me the variety and the different interpretations of each sculpture is great to see.
I guess I look at the sculptures in my own way, I love the ones you can get close to, the ones that reflect the light and interact with their surroundings. These sculptures will change throughout the day as the light shifts, they’ll photograph completely differently with clouds, sunrise, sunset or blue sky. It feels like they have been laid out for everyone with a camera to interpret in their own way.
The variety of shots I have seen, got me thinking that it would be great to see these uploaded in one place, where each sculpture could have its own gallery of images and the public could both upload and vote on their favourites. There are some brilliant shots out there and it’s interesting seeing such variety on the same subject matter.
According to the Sculpture by the Sea website, this does actually exist but good luck trying to find it.
Sculpture by the see.

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