twin peaks

What I love about the sea is the fact that it is never the same from one day to the next.
If my last trip out was cruising along a new motorway with smooth roads and plush suspension, then this trip was off-roading after torrential rain had dug pot holes and rendered some areas impassable. It was the same place but barely recognisable.

It might be calm off the beach or further out to sea but up against the cliffs, the swell bounces back and collides with itself creating a veritable washing machine of waves going in every direction (I’m thinking top loader rather than front loader here), It’s a challenge to keep your balance and a good time to use a smaller camera.

The current and the wind always seem to draw you in the one direction you don’t want to go and that would be towards the rocks on a day like today, but that of course is where the better shots lie.
The ironic things is that if you want to escape the turmoil, you need to paddle further out to sea but a portion of your brain is telling you you should be paddling back to shore.

Taking pictures in this is like drinking coffee whilst driving over a cattle grid.

twin peaks

twin peaks



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