black cloud

3.30 am feels a bit harsh when you wake up in a panic trying to silence the alarm before it wakes anyone else, you inevitably knock something over and then lie there perfectly still assessing the damage with a pulse of about 180. So I bought a vibrating watch hoping it would ease me into the day without a pressure check on my heart valves.
It works well as long as you don’t sleep with you arm under your head, don’t try it, just take my word for it.

Paddling out of the bay in the dark, you never know what the day will bring, but as the sun starts to come up and the light levels rise, your brains starts to calculate what it all means, I guess it dawns on you so to speak.
I know in that half-light whether I should be winding in my lines and preparing the camera or sticking with the task at hand. It’s the toughest decision of the morning as the best time for photography is also the best time to be fishing.
Today I could see the silhouettes of the heavy black clouds appearing from the shadows and I knew it would be the type of light I love., the contrast between the dark clouds and the clear blue patches always makes the water look like liquid metal.

You could be ready for this on land, tripod set up and a cup of coffee keeping your hands warm but the rule book is a bit different bobbing around on a kayak, the sea rocks you side to side, the swell rolls you up and down and the wind and currents spin you around, you paddle to straighten up and disturb the water around you and when it settles the moment has gone.

Fish or no fish, it’s a magic time to be out on the water.




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