After a few months off the kayak due to a back injury it was time to get back on the horse and see how it rode.
Amazing how much dust your kayak and fishing gear collects just to remind you that it hasn’t been used, so it was dusted and ready to go.

A late start with no fishing or camera gear would be the best way to focus on paddling and see how things felt but then again maybe just one rod………
So at 9 am I hit the water on a glorious spring day and with two rods but no gps, camera (i did have the phone), fish bag, net etc etc etc, some of these intentionally and others not.

The plan was a short paddle to test the physical capabilities, but birds way off in the distance meant that plan got left behind with all the other non essentials.
On reaching the birds I could see salmon everywhere. The back dealt with the paddle okay so time to see how it went on a fish.
A 62cm salmon was not the warm up I was after but what the hell, you might as well find out if something’s going to break from the get go.

Three more of these and I had ended up off Maroubra so it was time to paddle back.
There was something big powering through the salmon and reeking havoc, probably a shark but without seeing a fin I’ll go with the preferred idea of a big kingfish.

I may have been a bit stiff afterwards but what a small price to pay for the experience.


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