blue steel

Some days the ocean owns a look, it takes on a certain feel and that feel remains, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.
Last week was like that, the lacy clouds let shafts of light punch through to highlight the surface of the ocean.
A blue tone emanated from the deep shadows and spilt across the seascape stripping any rogue colours of their individuality.
The strong southerly wind grated the surface, tore it to shreds and rolled it into waves that grew until the wind in turn blew them back across the surface, repeating the process and laying lines all heading in the one direction like a furrowed field.
The contrast and the speed with which the light changed meant every second was a new scene, just as impressive as the last.
The wind stripped out the Sydney smog and the smokey colour that usually dominates the horizon and gave it a crisp clean look.
If not for the wind it would have looked like mercury but constant texture gave it the feel of Blue Steel.
Or was it Magnum.