extra dry

kw14_12044I used think this either meant a nice cold drink with an olive in it or less sweat patches on my shirt, but this week I had a trip up to far North West New South Wales and now I know what dry is.kw14_12135
We flew into Moree and drove north through Narrabri, Wee Waa and on to Walgett.
The closer we got to Walgett, the drier it got.
Walgett hasn’t had rain since mid 2012, so they are suffering, the soil is like a crisp dust, it crunches when you walk on it, so no planting crops and the cattle have all been moved on, you only have to go 50 or 100 km to find an area that has at least seen some rain.
It’s hard to believe that in early 2012 Walgett was isolated due to flooding, maybe someone wished it would stop. Careful what you wish for.
The drier it got, the more interesting I found the landscape to photograph, part of it was the heat haze that rose from the ground and distorted the scene.kw14_12069
I haven’t really thought much about heat haze, it general means it’s time for a swim, but when you start to study it, it gets pretty interesting, so here is a bit of technical stuff on how it is caused:
When the air between you and an object is hot and a number of areas of different temperature exist, each variation in temperature sets up different interference in the light reflected by the object. The light traveling from the object to you is being distorted by different amounts which creates a shimmer that prevents it from appearing sharp and still, either that or it was the speed the car was moving at and my inability to focus the camera properly, either way, I still like the effect.
Then of course there is the mirage (or inferior mirage) on the ground, where the light rays actually bend and appear to give a reflected view of the sky, I think I’ll just give you a wiki link for that one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirage .
Given all this, what chance does anyone have of getting it sharp in the desert.
 kw14_12122 kw14_12278 kw14_12255 kw14_12144_1
Kangaroos and wallabys appear to cope with the dry better than most and are a big problem on the road after the sun starts to set, the road side is littered with their carcasses but will instagramers be the real problem of the future.