the rough with the smooth

Most trips on the kayak are primarily about the fishing and the photography can be a bit opportunistic, but occasionally on days like this the camera becomes number one and a large portion of the fishing gear gets left at home.
It starts with no fishing gear but on the occasions that I’ve done that the fish pop up everywhere and snigger as I pass by, so I throw in one rod to wipe the smile off their face and maybe another just in case all hell breaks loose.
The trouble with summer is that if you want to be on the water before sunrise, your head has to be scraped off the pillow at about 3.30 am.
You have to weigh up whether to get up in time for a coffee to catapult you into the day for bask in those extra few moment of sleep and gradually wake up on your drive to the launch site.
I planned for option one and defaulted to option two.
Standing at the boat ramp with more cameras than rods I felt uneasy about the forecast two metre seas and decided to wait for the light to come up and get a better look at the situation.
This wasn’t going to get in the way of the photography though, so I kitted up in waterproof gear and headed off around the rocks (I usually get wetter on the rocks than I do in the kayak).
Malabar has an ocean pool and that seemed like a good spot to start.
As the light came up I knew I had made the right decision, a bit of swell makes for some good shots but the sea around the headlands was huge.
I camped out on the rocks whilst the sun finished  it’s morning show before packing up and heading for Botany Bay and some calm water.
After the wilderness of the coast, the bay felt pretty industrialised but I launched at La Perouse and paddled over to the breakwall at Molineux PointI might as well go with the feel of the place.
You may have noticed that I’m a bit partial to a good reflection and my shots from the day make it look like a mill pond but in fact it’s hardly ever  that smooth and I had to paddle around to find the smooth patches on the water, they can be formed by fish oil from bait fish or current lines with changes in water temperature and of course in Botany bay I guess it could just be fuel from the ships.
I was lucky as there was a patch by the breakwall and after about forty minutes of drifting around, the planets aligned for me to get the shot I was after.
Happy that the shot was in the bag, I headed out towards the ships in search of some more smooth water.
There’s something about ships from a low angle that reminds me of Thunderbirds.
No fish were sighted, two rods did the job.