black cloud

3.30 am feels a bit harsh when you wake up in a panic trying to silence the alarm before it wakes anyone else, you inevitably knock something over and then lie there perfectly still assessing the damage with a pulse of about 180. So I bought a vibrating watch hoping it would ease me into the day without a pressure check on my heart valves.
It works well as long as you don’t sleep with you arm under your head, don’t try it, just take my word for it.

Paddling out of the bay in the dark, you never know what the day will bring, but as the sun starts to come up and the light levels rise, your brains starts to calculate what it all means, I guess it dawns on you so to speak.
I know in that half-light whether I should be winding in my lines and preparing the camera or sticking with the task at hand. It’s the toughest decision of the morning as the best time for photography is also the best time to be fishing.
Today I could see the silhouettes of the heavy black clouds appearing from the shadows and I knew it would be the type of light I love., the contrast between the dark clouds and the clear blue patches always makes the water look like liquid metal.

You could be ready for this on land, tripod set up and a cup of coffee keeping your hands warm but the rule book is a bit different bobbing around on a kayak, the sea rocks you side to side, the swell rolls you up and down and the wind and currents spin you around, you paddle to straighten up and disturb the water around you and when it settles the moment has gone.

Fish or no fish, it’s a magic time to be out on the water.





A quick post to join the hundreds of images buzzing around the internet as Sydney gets covered in smoke from the bush fires.

More than 100 fires burning over NSW and 80 kph winds to fuel them.

Fantastic light, coffee brown with a bright red sun.

It looks good when it’s not in your neighborhood.





new south whales

Hopefully you don’t get tired of whale shots, it’s seasonal so don’t worry it will be over soon.
This year they have put on a spectacular show by coming close to shore, probably the best I’ve seen in about six years.
Usually I’ll see one on a kayak trip but yesterday morning they were everywhere, I saw at least four mothers with calves, one with twins.

Before the sun comes up it is a bit perturbing as you can hear them but you’re not sure where they are or if you’re on their flight path.

I was there to catch dinner so I tried to avoid them but eventually I just sat back and enjoyed the show.

Another event going on at the moment is the huge number of very hungry Mutton Birds (Sooty Shearwaters) that are heading down the coast on their return from a quick lap of the pacific rim.
These birds are starving and once they find you, you end up with a gang of them following you around like puppy dogs and attacking anything they think might be edible.
Not content with harassing you on the surface they’ll dive down to 20m to attack your bait, it would be nice to feed them but I suspect they would follow you home.

Dinner from the food chain is a lot more stimulating than dinner from the supermarket chain. IMG_3277 IMG_3274 IMG_3273 IMG_3276 IMG_3290 IMG_3291



a shot in the dark

Car fully loaded with kids, dogs, kayaks etc, we were heading south to Currarong for the long weekend.
My daughter mentioned she had an art project on and could we take some photographs, so knowing how full our days would be with walking, kayaking swimming and eating, I thought I would swing by the studio and grab one of those three-legged things that can extend your day by several hours.

Sure enough time was short, you come back from these trips exhausted as you try to cram a summer holiday into a long weekend. Early mornings were booked up by the kayak and that was followed by hikes and swims, so one evening we headed out to see what we could create.
Bringing the tripod was a bonus but the list of things we didn’t bring seemed to grow with each idea we had, no cable release, no timer, no flash etc etc etc.
So armed with a camera, tripod and a torch we managed to have a bit of fun and expand Maiya’s concept of what a camera is and what it does.

Deciding whether a series of shots should be black and white or colour used to be so much easier with the prior commitment of buying film. This series felt like it should be B+W as we were shooting but it is a tough call having to make that decision later as the shots will always have merits in both camps.

trees and stars

trees and stars

storm coming

storm coming

torched grass

torched grass


boat ramp

boat ramp