shady character

Wall Art care of the sun has to be my favourite.
Shadows pasted about the house each day, or at least on the days when the sun is out  (which could add to the reasons I love them).
Altering from the amount of cloud cover, the time of the day, the time of the year and of course when I  remember to clean the windows, mind you a bit of dirt and a few cobwebs does add a nice soft filter.
If you watch them they change by the second, different patterns and shapes appearing and disappearing before you could grab a camera (this one comes from personal experience).

We tend to take them for granted but once you start to look, you notice what a dominant feature they are around the house.
Add some reflections, some prisms from the glass and objects that the sun hits and you have a full on light show, sort of an in-house vivid.

Plants are great but shadows are winning in my electorate.
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clouds v’s trees

Don’t get me wrong, I love the clear blue skies we’ve been having and everything that comes with it, BUT it just doesn’t inspire me visually like a good black cloud does.

This lot was rolling in last night when i walked the dog, the first shot I took seemed to have the clouds on attack and the trees fending them off, once I noticed it, it was everywhere, sort of war of the worlds in the local park.

The dog does gives me that ‘bugger’ look when I grab the camera , he should be grateful I didn’t have a tripod with me, we could have been there all night, but hey it’s a dog’s life and as I pointed out to him, there is always the rescue home.

Blue sky this morning so I guess the trees won.

kerrywilsonkw13_1752 kw13_1743 kw13_1737 kw13_1712